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Does it exist among humans?


We don’t even know how to love ourselves

So how can we love one another

Every step you take has another motive

Every helping hand has an equal amount

Of sorrow attached to it

Do you even know what love is?

Or how to express it? 

Does anyone

Rudeness consumes you

And selfishness becomes your shadow


You cannot love

You pathetic bastard 

Because you’re not even a normal human

You disgust me

Even humans have a smattering of decency

But you

You do not have the ability

To understand what decency is

Love is as alien to you

As peace is to me

Thank you for every word you threw at me

For every time you let me down

Thank you for the times you laid your hands on me

And tried to squeeze the breath from my lungs

I bless you for the bruises on my flesh

That only came from your hands

And most of all

I thank you for making me 

Hate myself

So that this can end


Copyright September 17, 2012 Zara Sky Porteous

In My Control

When my guise is on

The monster is tempered

Kept at bay

But when I’m released

It peers out from my eyes

You had better run

Mercy is not a word I know

I will not fear my own shadow

Never again will I cower from who I am

And what I can be

You will not tell me what to say

The beast will tear out your tongue

Never again will fear rule my every move

Caution shall not guide my path

And you will learn to fear me

Respect me

Obey me

No more will I live in fear

Of retaliation and pain 

So undeserved and unjust 

I rule my own future now

Only I have any say in where it goes

It is in my control again

And now

So is yours

Copyright September 17, 2012 Zara Sky Porteous

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